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Custom Built Wine Cellars

Custom Built Wine Cellars for Singapore’s Collectors

Celsius Equipment has vast experience in designing, building and installing custom wine storage systems for every type of customer. From commercial businesses (such as hotels, restaurants, bars, country clubs, resorts, liquor stores) to residential home owners, we have done it all.

Custom Wine Cellar Designs

Whatever the style from contemporary, traditional, faux finishing, natural stone, dramatic, to blending into the surroundings, our team of interior designers have the expertise to bring your wine cellar to life.

During the wine cellar design consultancy stage, our team will make an on-site visit to:

  1. Survey the area and its surroundings
  2. Understand the requirements of the client
  3. Do a feasibility study

We will then propose a design concept that is stylish, functional and caters to the client’s requirement.

Considerations in Wine Cellar Designs

Insulation is installed around the walls, ceiling and floor of the cellar room. A properly insulated cellar, besides maintaining minimal energy consumption, is required to maintain the optimal cellar temperature. It should also prevent condensation from forming on the external walls of the cellar. Besides being unsightly, condensation can create a host of problems such as fungi growth and weakening of wall structure. Cellar doors can be insulated doors or heated glass doors with heated door frames.

Other Quality Services We Provide

Appreciating the importance of aesthetics on top of functionality, we also provide the following services:

  1. Wood veneer or laminates of choice in the interior of the cellar
  2. Heated glass panels at the front of the cellar to allow better appreciation of the wine collection from the outside
  3. Flooring finish of choice
  4. Custom built wine racks with options for a variety of materials and custom designs

Let us help you build the ideal home for your valuable wine collection’s preservation. Be it a big or small cellar, we take great pride in creating that masterpiece – to deliver on time, to your budget, satisfaction and expectation!